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4th November 2011 18:03 (GMT)
Greasemonkey scripts on dev.carbon-project.org

If you value your privacy, you might want to use a search engine like Ixquick which tries to protect your privacy. But if you value your privacy you probably have NoScript installed and have it hide <noscript> elements, as many pages hide tracking methods for users with deactivated JS in such tags. That makes every result page (but the first) inaccessible, because Ixquick has its non-JS navigation in noscript tags too. Now you could either activate JavaScript for Ixquick or work around this problem.

Thanks to Greasemonkey and a little script I wrote, working around this issue is really easy.

At this point, there is only this one script on dev.carbon-project.org, but in case I write another one, it'll end up there too. ;-)

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12th November 2011 14:44 (GMT)
New Greasemonkey script available for WotC's Magic section

No matter whether you're a professional or hobby player, if you play Magic: The Gathering, you certainly visit Wizards of the Coast's homepage from time to time. And while other parts of the WotC's page have been made unusable without ECMAScript enabled, the MTG part can be used without it – mostly. The one part, that didn't work (and I needed) was card links. They have some ECMAScript to fetch the image from the Gatherer and overlay that on the current page, if you hover over a card link. If you click, it's again some script, that opens a Gatherer window. I just want all card links to be plain links pointing to the respective entries in the rather lightweight magiccards.info card search, which displays all relevant data in a compact layout.

Today I finally got around to throw the ten or so lines of ECMAScript together, Greasemonkey needs to make that happen. If you like to give it a try, you can download it from my Greasemonkey script collection (direct link for the impatient: wotc_with_noscript_and_card_links.user.js).

As an additional note: I'd like to point out, that there are other scripts available from userscripts.org which can do the same. But all those scripts did a lot else (like using jQuery to fetch the image on mouse over from magiccards.info).

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