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4th November 2011 18:03 (GMT)
Greasemonkey scripts on dev.carbon-project.org

If you value your privacy, you might want to use a search engine like Ixquick which tries to protect your privacy. But if you value your privacy you probably have NoScript installed and have it hide <noscript> elements, as many pages hide tracking methods for users with deactivated JS in such tags. That makes every result page (but the first) inaccessible, because Ixquick has its non-JS navigation in noscript tags too. Now you could either activate JavaScript for Ixquick or work around this problem.

Thanks to Greasemonkey and a little script I wrote, working around this issue is really easy.

At this point, there is only this one script on dev.carbon-project.org, but in case I write another one, it'll end up there too. ;-)

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