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1st March 2011 00:00 (GMT)
Weather Forecasts In A KDE Environment

As Squeeze was just released, some might be on the lookout for a replacement for LiquidWeather++, a SuperKaramba script. Others might just search for the first time for a way to have a weather forecast displayed on their desktop.

With my yaWP maintainer hat on, I'd like to recommend yaWP for the job.

Why yaWP?

Short answer: because it's the best (SCNR). Longer answer: because yaWP is easy to use, yet highly customizable. yaWP can track the forecasts of several cities for you, you can put yaWP on your desktop or in your control bar. You can limit the amount of days displayed (in the control bar mode). It's localized for many languages (if your language isn't among the already existing ones, please consider translating yaWP). yaWP can work with multiple services, is themeable and can display a satellite image for your area.

Now, some of you might still (don't ask me why) prefer a different Plasmoid for displaying the weather forecasts. But even those can benefit from yaWP and use one of its three data engines (AccuWeather, Google Weather Service and Weather Underground (Wunderground)), thanks to KDE's Weather Ions.

Ok, and how does it look?

Please remember, that yaWP can be themed, so the picture below just shows one option of many.

A screenshot of yaWP displaying data
Included from screenshots.debian.org (License: GPL2 or later)

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18th January 2012 15:36 (GMT)
Announcement: new yaWP packages available (0.4.2)

Just a short announcement: yaWP 0.4.2 is available from Debian Sid and should enter Testing (Wheezy) in ten days. One of the main changes (compatibility with KDE SC 4.7+) isn't affecting Debian yet, but the fixes to e.g. the Wunderground ION are nice to have (no matter which wheather frontend you use).

Thanks to Ulf, the current main upstream developer, for keeping yaWP the (in my partial opinion) best weather Plasmoid out there!

Now a little request to the various users around the world: It'd be nice if some of you would upload a screenshot of your yaWP instance to screenshots.debian.net in order to get a little variety on the package page for plasma-widget-yawp. Other themes or usage in the bar would be most welcome.

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