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17th March 2012 19:51 (GMT)
The joy of building Wine in a non-multiarch environment

This is an updated and consolidated post for/of two previous blog entries. Before I continue, let me make it clear, that this post isn't intended to criticise anybody. It is meant as a instruction leaflet to go with my unofficial (source) package(s).

The best idea, until all build dependencies of Wine have been made multiarch ready (we're almost there), is to create a base.tgz for pbuilder in which you make the required changes. So you don't have to remember applying them everytime (note, this is only needed for amd64 builds). After you created yourself a base.tgz for Wine, do the follwoing:

  1. Log into the chroot stored in your base.tgz for Wine: pbuilder --login --save-after-login --basetgz /path/to/your/wine.base.tgz
  2. Update the package list and installed packages with aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade unless you know, everything is updated.
  3. Install ia32-libs-dev and libjpeg-dev: aptitude install ia32-libs-dev libjpeg-dev
  4. Work around #638543:
    1. cd /usr/lib32
    2. rm libjpeg.so libjpeg.so.62* (you can also remove the libjpeg.a and libjpeg.la files)
    3. ln -s libjpeg.so.8 libjpeg.so
    4. cd /usr/include
    5. ln -s x86_64-linux-gnu/jconfig.h
  5. As we build build with GCC 4.5 (due to a problem with GCC 4.6, see WineHQ bug #22053 for more details) on amd64 (i386 isn't using GCC 4.5 anymore (since the 1.5.0-0.2 packages), because that resulted in linking errors), we hit #638418. To work around that, you need to create the symlink yourself. Execute ln -s x86_64-linux-gnu/asm asm in /usr/include.
  6. Exit the chroot, pbuilder should now update your base.tgz.
  7. Build the source package with pbuilder.

For i386 users this shouldn't be required. Not even the symlinking of the asm directory, as we don't use GCC 4.5 anylonger on i386 (due to various linking errors). Though that comes at the cost of potential issues with e.g. Steam.

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