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15th January 2012 16:00 (GMT)
Note about building Wine 1.3.37 onwards from source

I just uploaded my unofficial wine-unstable packages to dev.carbon-project.org (I skipped 1.3.36 over the holiday period). These new packages come with an important and often-requested change: they use GCC 4.5 to build the binaries, this works around an upstream GCC bug, see WineHQ bug report #22053 for further details. Unfortunately that clashes with the recent multi-archification on Debian and can lead to FTBFS in an automated build environment (like pbuilder would set up). The reason is the missing symlink from /usr/include/asm to /usr/include/DEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH/asm which then leads to GCC not finding e.g. errno.h (see #638418 for further details). That gives you the following options to make your build work again:

  • Change the source package back to using the default GCC (ie. 4.6 at the moment).
  • Modify your base.tgz for pbuilder and add the symlink manually.
  • Modify the build environment "on the fly". You can either do this with a script in your hook directory for pbuilder (see pbuilder(8) on how to do that) or by setting up the symlink manually while pbuilder is installing the dependencies for wine-unstable (the last option is fragile and requires "good timing").

Otherwise you can also use the pre-built binary packages.

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