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13th September 2011 16:33 (GMT)
Time-critical: Sign the petition against a new data retention law

If you're a German citizen and haven't signed the petition against a new data retention law, then sign it immediately, please. There are approximately [UPDATE]five twenty-five*[/UPDATE] hours left (after that you can still sign the petition until 2011-10-06, but it won't help in the endeavour to cause a public meeting of the petition committee). If you know somebody, who hasn't signed, get the word to them.

[UPDATE]* According to netzpolitik.org the deadline for triggering a public meeting of the petition committee was moved to 2011-09-14 23:59 (CEST), which gives you another 24 hours to sign the petition in time (or get others to sign it). Please use that time![/UPDATE]

[UPDATE2 (2011-09-14)]netzpolitik.org moved the entry about the deadline change to a new blog post, thus I've updated the link above. If you need instructions for the signing process, you can watch „Endspurt: Petition gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung“.[/UPDATE2 (2011-09-14)]

[UPDATE3 (2011-09-14)]We did it! Keep it up![/UPDATE3 (2011-09-14)]

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