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18th December 2011 10:37 (GMT)
Miscellaneous stuff #1

This year is in its last throes and a few things, that don't really warrant their own blog post, have piled up here. To get them out of the door before 2012 starts, I'd like to go over them in the next few lines.

First: there seem to be a group of rather cheap people who want to have the Humble Indie Bundle #4, but don't like to give at least 0.01 USD. Really guys, you seem to have enough money for a fast-enough computer and a (broadband) internet connection (otherwise downloading the circa 2.8 GB of games won't be a lot of fun), but you don't have the 0.01 USD to spare? If you don't like closed-source games (a sentiment I can truly understand, in fact, that was something I really pondered before buying) then just don't play them. But searching for a torrent for the HIB#4 while it is still being sold to just avoid paying the minimal fee, I can't understand. Now, some might wonder how I know this. The easy answer is, I blogged about buying the HIB#4 and mentioned, that I downloaded the games through a torrent (you can choose between direct downloads and torrents on your "login page") and a lot of people started hitting the blog entry with a referrer from a search engine, showing they'd searched for "humble indie bundle 4 torrent". Please make a decision: don't play the games or if you wish to, then pay something. The people behind those games make it easy and, in comparison to many other game studios, a fair offer. That should be worth something.

For those of you who loved Josephine, there is a new awesome piece of art, Creative Commons licensed, by An-U (German homepage). The title (and the drawing) are derived from the equally awesome Katzenjammer song "On the Devil's Back" (in case you're still looking for a present, you might want to consider one of their CDs or a ticket to their next concert near you).

Then, I wanted to thank all those people, who donated something over the course of 2011! Thanks a lot, especially for showing me, that you liked my services/work enough to even consider a donation! It means a lot to me, to know this.

At year's end everybody is doing statistics and while I won't bore you with long in-depth analysis, I thought I throw out, what the top posts/things where (so far). Maybe you find yourself represented in there or maybe you find something new. In no particular order:

I hope your 2011 was a good year and I wish you all the best for 2012! I'm pretty sure Debian will continue to grow, but there is also a lot of work ahead, maybe you can join the effort and make Debian that much more awesome!

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