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5th September 2011 09:44 (GMT)
Mesa packages on dev.carbon-project.org

Thanks to the awesome patent situation (if you're unaware of what I'm talking, you can catch up by listening to PRI's This American Life episode about patents, reading Florian Mueller's write-ups about the patent wars (current focus: mobile devices) or by having a look into my posts with the "patent-mess" tag), Debian will most likely be unable to distribute Mesa packages with ARB_texture_float enabled (if you want to build mesa yourself with this extension enabled, just add --enable-texture-float to confflags-dri in the Mesa source package's debian/rules). But some programs really like to have this extension, thus I started building Mesa myself. The resulting packages can be found on dev.carbon-project.org.

Big fat warning: please check, whether you're affected by the US patent #6,650,327 (i.e. if it's a valid patent in your jurisdiction) before you use the packages. If in doubt, consult with your lawyer.

By the way, if you're not working in an area where knowledge of the specifc claims/content of the patent might be harmful, you have some time on your hands and you want to learn, what's "patentworthy" these days, have a look at the claims of the patent. Otherwise the three links from the beginning must do.

Before I end this post, just one more remark about my Mesa packages: they'll follow upstream's Git and thus might have problems from time to time. If Debian's Mesa packages suffice your needs, stay with them. If not, feel free to use my packages or use them as a base for your own packages.

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