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1st March 2011 00:00 (GMT)
KVIrc in Debian: a small addendum

Raúl (another maintainer of KVIrc) asked me to add a request to our users to my previous entry about KVIrc in Debian. So here it is: please report any bugs you find!

Please note, that most of the bugs you find are most likely upstream bugs. If you're sure of this, you can help us by tagging your bug accordingly. This is done by adding Tags: upstream to the pseudo-headers of your e-mail. If you really want to help us, you can also check, if upstream already knows about this bug and add a Forwarded: pseudo header to your e-mail (if you want to report a new bug upstream, you can do so at https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/newticket).

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