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27th February 2011 00:00 (GMT)
KVIrc in Debian

As one of the Co-Maintainers of KVIrc, I'd like to give you a short outlook on what is planned for KVIrc in Debian in the near future or at least in the Wheezy release cycle.

  • Upload of a 4.0.3 bug fix release to stable-proposed-updates as soon as upstream releases it.
  • Packaging a new 4.1.1 snapshot every ten days (that is always after the previous one migrated to Testing) and make ready for 4.1.1 (maybe even 4.2?) in Wheezy.
  • Rework the CMake build script of KVIrc to ensure minimal linking. At the moment KVIrc has CMake gather all B-Ds in the global CMakeLists.txt and adds those to all compiler/linker invocations. By pushing the include_directories() calls down to the respective modules and adding just the required variables to the target_link_libraries() invocations, we can improve the situation significantly.
  • KVIrc uses a lot of reinvented-the-wheel code, some of this is due to its age (I think KVIrc is around since Qt2 and a lot of stuff wasn't available as an easy-to-use library then). But to be maintainable, KVIrc must move to leaner code base, which can be achieved by replacing such fragments of code with library calls. This is a big task and might not be completed in time for Wheezy, but the effort should be taken nonetheless.

Apart from what is listed above, we, the Debian Maintainers of KVIrc, strive to improve its packaging constantly.

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