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8th March 2011 13:00 (GMT)
KDE4 with multiple displays

This is kind of an "Dear Lazyweb" entry: I'm looking for a way to make a KDE4 control bar span more than one display. Just consider two displays next to each other, configured with RandR to form one big desktop. I haven't found a way to have the control bar span both screens. Sure I can add another control bar to the second but that's not what I want.

And while at it: is there a way to hid the toolbox thingy of the desktop activity in the upper right corner (at least once, because having it on two displays sitting next to each other doesn't make that much sense)?

Just to make sure: the displays are not in clone mode, but create a large desktop spanning two displays. The Squeeze version of KDE is used.

So, if you know how to do this or have a pointer to some article, please let me know.

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