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2nd May 2011 17:42 (GMT)
Flattr option added to traffic-intensive package downloads

Due to popular demand ("I would give you something, if you'd offer Flattr."), which really just came up after WineHQ started linking to the download page, I've added a Flattr link to the wine-unstable download page. I still wanted to keep it as unobtrusive as possible and just use a text link.

In other news I've uploaded 1.3.19 today, sorry that I didn't manage to do so before the weekend was over, but the upstream release happend after I went on a short trip to Bremen.

And since some people didn't seem to read the notes on the download page, I'll try it through this channel: the package download page is NOT an APT repository. I want people to carefully consider the pros and cons before installing software from a third party. So please don't point your sources.list to the download page. Thanks!

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